Sunday, April 21, 2013

how to: diy work out tank

So i have a lot of tshirts from high school and i don't want to get rid of any but i just don't need fifty tshirts - they don't all get worn and that makes us sad (us meaning me and the left out shirts haha). also, running in arizona makes me very hot and sweaty and i've been wanting more tank tops i can run in and yes my first choice would be to buy some nike ones but i'm resisting since i saw a tutorial on pinterest on making tank tops out of your old tshirts. win win? i'd say it's a tie. clearly, it looks like i just cut up my old soccer shirt but now i don't get so hot running soo... it was worth it!

First you cut out the collar and the bottom hem
Then cut an additional half inch all the way around the bottom - you'll want it for later

Cut out the sleeves starting from the top and going down. Also make your neckline deeper if you want it to more closely resemble a tank top
Cut a deep V down the middle of the back and cut further in on the sides for a razorback effect
Bring the straps in the back together and wrap the 1/2 inch scrap around and tie it tight
Ta da!
Depending on how you want your tank top to look like you can cut it lower in the front or change how far in and down your straps come. I tried it on a couple shirts and played around with it.

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  1. i tried this too, but my version was a colossal fail. lol