Tuesday, January 17, 2012

how to: work out more effectively

I like to work out somewhat frequently but I am always on the lookout for ways to make my workouts shorter. As I was purusing Twitter today instead of doing my homework I came across this great article by Shape Magazine. I love Shape magazine.
Anyway, I don't work out to try and get bigger but just to be toned. There is one move that I never do because I don't want to make my boobs smaller than they already are and that is the pushup.


Shape says that the pushup works out your core, back and legs as well as your chest and arms so perhaps I will do these now! I am doing a workout video by Jullian Michael's right now and I just lay down when she does pushups. I guess I won't anymore.

Burpee Spike

If you're thinking I'm being a baby and pushups are actually really easy then this next workout is for you. It's the burpee spike.

Read about how to do it here.

What better time to start working out than January? So get to it! And let me know some of your favorite workouts :)

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