Saturday, January 7, 2012

how to: snack wisely

I've never been one to count calories. Never have. Hope i never will. But I do follow Shape magazine on Twitter (and totally recommend it) and they posted an article about snacks for under 100 calories and I decided to look at it. It is great!

Did you know that four chocolate kisses are only 89 calories? I LOVE chocolate kisses - don't they look delicious? The best thing about them is they're little and perfect if you just have a little chocolate craving.

Another thing I was surprised to find was five strawberries and a tablespoon of whip cream is only 82 calories. That just made my day. We already have whip cream in our fridge and I'll probably go buy strawberries today when I go grocery shopping. Happy Saturday to me :).

You can read about the other 13 snacks for yourself here.

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  1. Oh I'm so excited to hear that about strawberries! I love them!